About Moores Glassworks

Moores Glassworks supply solutions to a range of clients across many different industries and we export glassware around the world. Our cutting-edge designs and commitment to anticipating changes in technological innovation have seen our components adopted into the military, scientific, industrial and electronic sectors worldwide.

Over forty years of Moores manufacturing

Our work initially began in the medical profession, supplying products such as graded seals and vacuum-viewports. By observing a great demand for high-quality, custom-made glassware in this industry, we invested in additional skills and high end technology which enabled us to become even more innovative and competitive.

Moores today

Decades of research and development have placed us at the forefront of glass manufacture. We are renowned for specialising and producing components to a high standard and from exacting individual specifications.

Moores in South Africa

Our company has long considered South Africa a significant emerging market. We hope to further align our expertise with the glassware requirements that exist with its economy. The United Kingdom is in South Africa’s ‘Premier League’ of trading partners, with annual bilateral gains worth over £8bn. Moores believe in the mutual benefits of this relationship and wish to continue working with this nation.

Dedicated to research and innovation

Our commitment to glass engineering and innovations within chemistry has enabled us to excel even when working to the most difficult of briefs. Our research into corrosion resistance, robust sealing, plating, adhesion, ultraviolet and other areas have more than adequately met the needs of a large number of clients.

Top quality

All products are made by our highly skilled glassblowers or on automated lathes ensuring the very best quality. They all pass through our inspection department before they are exported.

Contact us

We pride ourselves on our innovation and client service. If you have any queries about our products, please get in touch on (+44) 01932 222314.

Moores Glassworks News 2015

Moores Glassworks have successfully purchased Sadems Industries, a Belgium-based maker of glass products and developer of computer-controlled glass processes see Sadems

Moores currently export to clients in the following countries:

  • North America
  • Puerto Rico
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • All over Europe