Ultra High Vacuum Viewports

Moores Glassworks makes Vacuum viewports and exports them all over South Africa. Our vacuum viewports are manufactured with viewing diameters of between 16mm and 140mm, and are fabricated using optical quality 'Corning 7056′glass which is sealed into 'Kovar' spinnings and subsequently welded into vacuum flanges.

Moores Glasswork produces and exports vacuum viewports in either 'Conflat,' ISO KF or LF flanges. However we are also able to manufacture bespoke vacuum viewports with a number of different window materials, such as quartz or magnesium flouride,  and can also offer vacuum viewports with anti-reflex coating, or vacuum viewports with lead glass, as well as non-standard vacuum flange configurations. Contact us with your requirements.

Typically our vacuum viewports are made from Kodial glass. The flange/welds are manufactured from 304L stainless steel, and the spinning material is Kovar, which is highly magnetic. The maximum temperature is 400°C, and the maximum heating rate is 3°C/min. The refraction index is 1.487 and all our vacuum viewports are cleaned according to UHV-standards.

Moores Glassworks News 2015

Moores Glassworks have successfully purchased Sadems Industries, a Belgium-based maker of glass products and developer of computer-controlled glass processes see Sadems

Moores currently export to clients in the following countries:

  • North America
  • Puerto Rico
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • All over Europe